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Here I present the fakes bought on Ebay



LM338K - (National semiconductors) fake

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TO-3 casing was carefully opened on a lathe

worst fake I've ever seen, very thin wires from contacts to silicon

The LM338 is the 3-terminal adjustable positive voltage
regulator and is capable of supplying in excess of 5A over a
1.2V to 32V output range.

This regulators are exceptionally easy to
use and require only 2 resistors to set the output voltage.

Read more in a data-sheet

This fake have a "built-in fuse" which burn at approx 2A of electrical current, the reason is to thin bonding wires from contacts to silicon, so that wires are some kind of a fuse.

In the picture above you can see the bonding  wire that has blown!

Original regulators are capable to supply at least 5A and a lot of dissipation, but this fake is capable less than 2A of current and small dissipation.

When exceeds the current, then it die ingloriously.

I suggest all buyers on eBay, not to give feedback before testing the product!
If the product is bad or fake, give negative or neutral feedback to the seller and request a refund!



... to be continued!